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It only takes a dollar



Child Mobility - Go Baby Godonate a dollar that buys an electrical switch,  give some of your time and experience as a tech expert, or simply pass the word on to kids who could benefit, or sponsors who might help – every little bit could assist a mobility-challenged child get mobile

Gobabygo is largely volunteer-run. We rely on a few generous sponsors and donors plus a rapidly-developing nationwide network of volunteers who help adapt cars, liaise with parent, and organise locations at which recpients meet for assesments and to be fitted to their cars

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Child Mobility - Go Baby Gozyber helped

website design company helps spread the word

Zyber put its expertise to work to design this site, becoming one of Gobabygo NZP's first sponsors by helping spread the word to clinicians, parents and sponsors





Child Mobility - Go Baby Go Nelson Miro Car Detailprivate donors

private donors paid for the first two cars

A dollar buys a switch, but adaptations require much more. Private donors paid for the first two cars, others paid for the parts needed to adapt them