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How to order what you need

This page is still being built, so whatever is loaded is not the final word on how we can adapt each electric ride-in BMW toy car, and it will take a while to photograph and upload every variation.

And even when it's all in, it's not the final word – as if a child's therapist identifies a different harness, or control, or other adaptation that will improve comfort, safety, or a child's ability to get the best out of the car, we will try to find a way to do it, provided it's not too far out of our basic ability to cover the cost.

A number of adaptations are standard. these include, but are not limited to, a kill switch, a back rest with adjustable-height head rest, and pre-drilled holes in case a harness is required.

The aim is that when all the options are loaded, an applicant will be better able to indicate what a child will need, so more cars will arrive at the handover complete. At present, some cars have to return home with us for extras, which is frustrating for the kids, and less efficient with our frugal budget and all-volunteer 'work' force. And when all the options are loaded - this text will be updated to suit. 

Bear with us - Gobabygo is entirely run by volunteers.
Want to help? go to givealittle to donate, there's a link on our home page. Contact us to ask about sponsorship - there's a link on our home page. And if you think you could help in your area as a co-ordinator or technician, please do get in touch.
And if you're an ace communicator with spare time, we could use a dedicated person to approach potential sponsors and donors

steering wheels


A: standard wheel


B: handles vertical


c: Handles horizontal




A: No harness

DSC_9746tinh_mum_belt.JPGB: Lap belt only

DSC_9722devon_harness.JPGC: four-point harness

D: other



A: standard seat