Hunter is loving his Gobabygo car. When he is in it he is all smiles. He is still learning to control it while paying attention to where he is going, but as it is still so new we know this will come. He is already getting more control day by day and is always so excited to get in it and go. We are looking forward to using it lots in the coming months as we are out and about with friends, so he can join in and play with the other children. Thank you so much Gobabygo for an amazing car that is improving Hunter’s physical and social skills in such a fun way!

Katrina Grooby


Having been involved with other charities that support disadvantaged kids, we could immediately see the benefits of Gobabygo for children and their families. The smiles we see on the faces of the recipients are PRICELESS. We know that this will benefit the child as modifications to the cars ensure the child must use them in a way that will strengthen or improve their physical wellbeing, and hey, if they have masses of fun too, that’s AWESOME.

Craig & Kandy Mott (donors)


A wonderful and exciting way to build therapy objectives into play. We would all love to drive a BMW.

Frances Bassett (NZOTR, Visiting Neurodevelopmental Therapist, Child Development Services, Nelson Hospital)


Once you realise the opportunities and the difference these cars can make to the lives of these little people and their parents, or get the opportunity to see a child's smile when they get in one and off they go for the first time, it’s easy to make the decision to support this wonderful charity.

Trevor Crowther (Auckland Businessman and Donor)


Jiselle absolutely loves her Beamer! We reside not far from the local school and there is a sheltered path on which Jiselle rides it every day to school and arrives in great style. Jiselle has never been this happy and loves it that for the first time she is able to ride on her own. We are truly grateful to the go Baby Go project!

Caleb and Lynette Pickering

Our wee grandson loves his car, and being able to get outside and join his sisters.

Catherine Billcliff (recipient's grandmother)

"Gobabygo and Rotary are amazing. Our grandson loves the car he received in Christchurch. I wish I had a BMW!"

Sherilyn Dawson (recipient's grandmother)