218 Meet Cooper

Frankton three-year-old Cooper has global development delay
We don't think Cooper initially realised he smart black BMW was his, but with help from his dad and younger sister he was soon strapped in, and quickly got the hang of driving aro…

212 Meet Percyden

Hamilton tot with cerebral palsy and hypotonia

216 Meet Isaac

Microcephaly among a range of diagnoses that include epilepsy and restricted vision
Te Awamutu four-year-old Isaac still needs significant sitting support, and so his car was adapted to take his Shuttle Discovery wheelchair seat. His younger brother was firm in h…

211 Meet Harrison

Hamilton cutie
 Harrison, aged one, was born with Digeorge syndrome, also known as Catch-22, which brings with it a wide range of symptoms. Fortunately for he - and his mum - his two big si…

210 Meet Ngaruawahia's Ella

Cheerful cutie
Tiny Ella doesn't let microcephaly and double cochlear implants knock her back. The cheerful tot took her new car in her stride. We fitted a supportive backrest to push her closer…

202 Meet Hamiltonian, Ekvir

Hamilton tot, awaiting diagnosis
Hamilton tot Ekvir is nearly two, and was initially very uncertain about his new car. But we bet once he gets it home, he'll love it! He needed a buddy button, and extra handles o…

189 Meet Laikyn

Two-year-old Laikyn has cerebral palsy, and needs more support in her car. We had run out of stock, so a local volunteer will feet an appropriate backrest, for better support and …

192 Meet Eli

Whangarei tot with undiagnosed neuromuscular issues
Two volunteers to a trip up to Whangarei to hand over Eli's car. It's adapted to take his Shuttle Discovery seat as he needs plenty of sitting support, and uses an extended steeri…

208 Meet Rerehua

Three-year old with polymicrogyria
Cheerful Auckland tot Rerehua acquired her new BMW at BMW headquarters, thanks in part to Rotary funding. She was nervous at first, but was attracted by how she could open and clo…

205 Meet Tama

Atiamuri two-year-old with spinal muscular atrophy

206 Meet Jacob

Rotorua three-year-old with right-side hemi cerebral palsy

144 Meet Cullum

Cullum, from Katikati
Katikati lad Cullum is 1.5 years old, and his cerebral palsy, polymicrogyria and epilepsy are holding him back from independent mobility. Hence the new black Gobabygo car, dropped…

149 Meet Laszlo

Meet Laszlo, from Christchurch
Christchurch six-year-old Laszlo was presented with his new car at Christchurch BMW, thanks to local Rotary volunteers and fundraising. Gobabygo Board member Bruce Jackson said La…

145 Meet Jayden

Jayden, from Auckland, has cerebral palsy
Six-year-old Jayden has cerebral palsy, let's hope his new black BMW helps him get about his Mt Wellington suburb

148 Meet Thomas

Thomas, from Wellesford, has a range of conditions to deal with
Three-and-a-half-year-old Thomas, from Wellesford, has cerebral palsy, DVI, dystonia and epliepsy, and that makes it hard for him to get about independently. But his Gobabygo BMW …

143 Meet Cooper

Otara gets Gobabygo car
Five-year-old Otara lad Cooper has cerebral palsy, and required a full harness among adaptaions to his Gobabygo car

146 Meet Lenix

Lenix, from Auckland, has motor development delay
Tw-and-a-half-year-old Glenfield tot has global development delay, but a new, red Gobabygo BMW with the wooden seat adaptation to push the seat closer to the steering wheel will b…

147 Meet Laren

Laren, from Orewa
Three-year-old Laren, from Orewa, has a motor disability as well as cerebral palsy.

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