Muscular Dystrophy handover

apn_zach_Gobabygo_car.jpgGobabygo brought brochures, information, and two cars to the Muscular Dystrophy conferene in May, one for Zach and one for Hazel.

Naturally their disorders introduce new challenges for the Gobabygo team.

Zach needs a back support that slopes, rather than being vertical, and neither child can support their head and neck as well as a child with cerebral palsy may learn to.

We had to try them in the cars – Hazel couldn't leave the horn and engine sounds alone, and Zach was immediately keen to get driving – then take them away to solve their requirements, including a better-developed buddy switch so they can control the throttle with their hands, as they can't exert enough head pressure.

The cars attracted a lot of attention, with one young lady admiring Hazel's car from her own wheelchair and wishing we'd been around a few years ago...

Meanwhile, now we're on the hunt for a technician to help Geoff, preferably with the ability to build or develop a soft-start switch for a more gentle getaway for children like these.apn_Hazel_gobabygo2.jpg