Meet Tayler, from Otorohanga


A brain tumour means Tayler relies on a wheelchair to get about, though she can use a walker over short distances .

A car saves her mum the energy otherwise expended pushing her about, and of course is much more fun – especially when meeting up with other active six-year-olds.

Tayler's age and size are about at our upper limit to donate a car, but we're sure she'll get lots of use from it before she gets too big!



Not sure at first

Like many kids, Tayler took a little time to get used to the idea. There's no hurry! As long as we've checked the car fits, we're happy.


Taking her time

We explain what the car will do, and that we need to check the fit – helped by Hamilton specialist physiotherapists – but she's still not sure it won't run away with her


Still not sure!

There's no rush, if need be she can wait until all the other kids have gone. But seeing how much the other kids like it is winning her round...


Settling in

Not just in and measured up, but trying the steering and throttle, though we've told her she can wait until she's home if she wants...


There's no stopping her now

When Tayler needed the ladies, she didn't want to be pushed in her chair. She wanted to get herself there, by driving out of the dealership, through the car park and into the back entrance with mum striding along ahead, instead of pushing from behind. Smiles all round!


Meet Tayler, from Otorohanga