Meet Lilli

Lilli has a rare chromosomal abnormality which means she's tiny – at two years old she weighs 9kg and is already smaller than her active one-year-old brother. She can't keep up, and her car will give her a fun way to join in family strolls, or chase her sibling round as soon as he's on trikes and scooters. She won't need adapted steering, but she does need back support, and of course the throttle must be moved right up to the seat.

Tags: chromosome, delayed growth, bmw


Lilli meets her car

First task for most kids, adjusting the mirrors while mum talks to the tech team


out with the tape

The first measure-ups taught us which dimensions we'd need to ask for in future



meeting her car

Lilli tentative with an audience there... Many kids do need time to settle in


thumbs up!

This little cutie is looking forward to keeping up with family once home

Meet Lilli

Tags: chromosome, delayed growth, bmw