Meet Jiselle

Jiselle has a heart condition that meant she wasn't expected to live much past her first birthday. But she's a battler, and at six a cheeky little girl who makes a great photographic model. But her heart means she gets very tired, and can't race around with her active sisters. Her car will only need the back support and harness to help support her, and the electic motor to supply the energy she lacks

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First day trial for fit

And already Jiselle was whizzing around BMW's car park, chasing the photographer's drone


and she's off!

Jiselle instantly took to her car and spent the whole handover hour driving round


family conflab

Dad told us this was the longest she'd been able to keep up with her sisters


jiselle meets zyber

Sponsors invited along to local handovers – Zyber team members say hello

Meet Jiselle

Tags: heart, bmw