Meet Hannah

Wee Hannah has progressive neurological disease, and she's deaf, so the pretty three-year-old is expected never to walk independently, and at present has limited ability to understand. However, her parents and paediatrician felt she would benefit from having a car, both from appreciating the fun of her colourful mobile toy, and from the incentive to improve hand and head control and the ability to sit unsupported. We were happy to help. At first she found the car's movement disconcerting, but with patient mum using the buddy switch she soon loved it, and later feedback from home is promising.



Taking our time

While we got India-Rose comfy, Hannah's mum got her used to the surroundings


Introducing her car

The buddy switch is sitting on the bonnet, ready to go as soon as she's aboard


Settling in

Murray and mum get Hannah comfy and check the harness height and fit


and she's off!

Slow and steady wins the race... Hannah cruises up and down BMW's atrium

Meet Hannah

Hannah proved a challenge for the team, but soon loved her new wheels