Hamilton handover

DSC_8514.JPGSeven kids, seven cars, and great potential for chaos, but thanks in part to the wonderful staff at Coombes Johnston BMW, who even supplied themed cupcakes and drinks, and to the assistance of the therapists who came to help, the day went smoothly.

We had families turn up at staggered interval, allowed plenty of time for kids and parents to get used to the bustle, and got kids into their cars, and assessed what adaptations would be needed, only when they were ready.

Most of the work of identifying and fitting required adaptations has either been done pre-handover, or can be done on site, but sometimes we need to the_girl_on_the_swing_cupcakes.jpgtake a car back to the workshop for a bit more fettling.

Thank goodness for supportive therapists, who helped us find answers to a few complex questions we'd not yet met!