Christmas comes early for Eight Auckland kids

Christmas came early today for eight Auckland children as Gobabygo handed over their new cars, and made any adjustments needed.

Six-year-old Xavier lives with microcephaly, lissencephaly and cerebral palsy, and we tried out our new, most-supportive harness, with extra straps and Velcro to hold him firmly in.

Five-year-old Thomas tended to slide down in his seat. The youngster has Cri du Chat syndrome, and Mark added a segment of seatbelt between the legs to help keep him in place.

Afia has merosin congenital muscular dystrophy, and is small for his age, so the eight year old got his car at an age where many of our kids have grown out of their car. 

Xzavier, small for his 2.5 years, got the hang of his steering-wheel-mounted throttle instantly, despite development delays caused by Prader Willi syndrome.

Other recipients ranged in age from two to four, and had a range of disabilities. There were a few jealous siblings, and a few parents looking forward to being able to take all the kids to the dairy at once, without needing to use obvious mobility devices - or risking a bad back!